About Singapore Coffee


Singapore Kopi Culture

Singapore Traditional Coffee is a uniquely Singapore product with a long history and culture. Unfortunately, its history and recognition as a unique Singapore product has been lost today.

Singapore Traditional Coffee bean is roasted with caramelised sugar and butter or margarine and brewed it in our traditional handmade method.

Unlike most western brews, kopi is made from Robusta beans, which contain a high dosage of caffeine. To enhance their flavour, the beans are roasted in a wok with butter and sugar. This caramelizes the beans and gives them a unique aroma. The coffee powder is then strained through a sock (a small cloth that acts as an infuser) and mixed with condensed milk or sugar.

Singapore Traditional Coffee is served according to customer’s preference, because of that one’s need to know the “Coffee Lingo” in ordering a cup of desired coffee. Singapore Coffee has its unique taste compared to International Gourmet Coffee, it is aromatic, full-bodied and of more unique taste!

With this trade know-how and skills, we feel obliged to share it with all the history and culture of Singapore Traditional Coffee. We endeavour to position ourselves as the ambassadors of Singapore Traditional Coffee, bringing it to the next level that the world will discover this unique product of Singapore.

Singapore Coffee Lingo

The various languages have blended together over the years to create an eclectic concoction of coffeeshop lingo.

Preparations of Singapore Coffee

  1. For 1 pack of 200gm of coffee powder, we need to soak in 2 litres of hot water (Temperature : 90 - 96 Degree Celsius) for 3 minutes or more.
  2. Stir well in one direction.
  3. Pour into the tall/thin coffee pot using coffee filter bag.
Step Kopi-O Kopi Kopi-C
1 Add 2 teaspoons of sugar Add 2 teaspoons of condensed milk Add 2 teaspoons of sugar
2 Fill 1/2 of the cup with coffee Fill 2/3 of the cup with coffee Add evaporated milk till it covers the sugar
3 Fill up the cup with hot water Fill up the cup with hot water Fill up the cup with coffee