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Kim Guan Guan’s Assurance in the product hygiene and quality. We provides free consultation for the coffee equipment too.

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Locally Roasted

Uniquely Singapore Traditional Coffee Powder

Only quality coffee beans and ingredients from the region is used to produce the Singapore Traditional Coffee Powders that KGG is known for. The coffee beans are roasted and processed in the traditional ways to give the coffee powders its rich profiles that the consumers are familiar with.

These coffee powders are used by coffee shop and food court operators. The coffee is brewed by adding hot water to a quantity of powder and filters the suspension using a 'filter sock'. The brews made from these coffee powders typically have strong aroma, black in colour and "thick" mouth feel. These powders are also used by households when they want to brew coffee at home.

KGG packed these powders in laminated foil bags, which is a first among suppliers of Singapore coffee powders. The laminated foil bags give better protection and retention of the powders' qualities. It's an adaptive application of modern technology to traditional products. Two qualities of KGG traditional coffee powders that are popular are "Sunflower" and "Rose".

Upon meeting the requirements of the minimum order quantity, KGG can produce a customized blend of coffee powder (ie OEM) for its customers.

Coffee Powder Available In: 200gm / 1.5kg / 4.5kg
Ideal for: Hotel / Restaurant / Cafe / Coffeeshop / Coffee Chain / Foodcourt / Hawker Stall

Tea Dust / Chocolate / Oolong Tea Bags

Ideal for: Coffeeshop / Coffee Chain / Foodcourt / Hawker Stall

Tea Dusts

KGG sourced quality tea dusts from tea plantations around the world. The tea dusts are blended accordingly to produce tea blends that are rich and fragrance.

The tea dusts are packed in laminated foil bags to give better protection and retention of its qualities. KGG has four qualities of tea dusts to suit the varied requirements of its customers. The different qualities are namely: Guan's Red Label / Green Label / Tea Special Tea Dust.

Guan's Chocolate Malt Drink

Guan's 3-in-1 Chocolatey Mix is made from quality ingredients sourced from reputable suppliers. KGG uses premium cocoa powders and malt extract for its Chocolate Malt Mix. It is manufactured under strict hygiene condition for quality and safe consumption.

The resulting blend give rise to a chocolate beverage that is rich, thick and creamy in fragrance and mouth feel. Although rich and creamy in profile, Guan's Chocolate Malt Drink has low sugar content. For consumers with sweet tooth, add marshmallows, sweetened condensed milk or sugar according to their taste preferences.

Guan's Chinese Oolong Teabags (100 X 2GM)

Guan's Oolong Chinese Tea is specially blended from selected finest tea leaves, packed in tea bags for hygiene and convenience!

Bag Series

Ideal for: Offices / School / Residential

Kim's Duet Traditional Coffee Bags Series (Tradition In a Bag)

Kim's Duet Traditional Coffee Bags is the fruit of creative application of modern technology to tradition. Manufactured with the same dedication that goes into the manufacture of Singapore Traditional Coffee Powders, Kim's Duet Traditional Coffee Bags enabled the consumers to enjoy a cup of authentic traditional coffee minus the hassle. The coffee bags are individually packed in laminated foil pouches to maintain the quality of each coffee bag.

Kim's Duet Traditional Coffee Bags are formulated with lower sugar and available in three distinctive taste preferences. Namely, they are KOPI-O-KOSONG (Black Coffee without sugar), KOPI-O (Black Coffee with less sugar) and KOPI-C (Coffee with milk & less sugar).

Kim's Duet Traditional Tea Bags Series (Tradition In a Bag)

Kim's Duet Tea bags series is tea dust bagged in brewing bag using only the finest tea dust from Kenya. These Tea bags allow you to indulge in a cup of good tea without the hassle of adding any sweetener as this series consist of 2 distinctive tastes namely the TEH-O (Tea with less sugar), and the TEH-C(Tea with milk & less sugar).

Our company is the only manufacturer in Singapore uses 'REAL' Tea dust made with premium tea leaves and not 'INSTANT' soluble tea powder to innovate the TEH-O and TEH-C tea bag series.

Guan's Instant Chrysanthemum and Instant Ginger Tea

KGG make its unique blend instant chrysanthemum and ginger tea from ingredients sourced from quality suppliers. Guan's Instant Chrysanthemum Tea encompassed the 'cooling' attribute that chrysanthemum flowers are known for. While Guan's Instant Ginger Tea encompassed the attribute of expelling 'wind' from the body that ginger is known to have.

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