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About Kim Guan Guan

Established in 1988, Kim Guan Guan Coffee Trading Pte Ltd (KGG) has its simple beginning in supplying quality Singapore's Traditional Coffee Powders (also known as Nanyang Coffee) to beverages outlets like coffeeshops. Being in the market for 30 years till date, KGG is an integrated company that imports, roasts, packs, and supplies traditional grounded coffee powder and tea dust.

The Singapore's Traditional Coffee Powders have its roots in the early years of Singapore history when Singapore was still part of the British settlements. Over the years, KGG has established itself as a reliable supplier of quality traditional coffee powders. KGG is proud of the fact that all the ingredients used in its traditional coffee powders are processed in-house, giving KGG good management of its powders' quality.

While keeping to its core business, KGG took up the challenges to innovate and progressively expand its product range. This leads to the creation of Guan's branding. The introduction of Guan's branding marked KGG next stage of growth and developments. One of the products that KGG take pride in is Guan's Traditional Coffee Bags series. It is the fruit of creative application of modern technology to tradition. Guan's Coffee Bags series bring to the consumers the joy of enjoying the true taste of traditional coffee at their convenience. Fittingly, Guan's Traditional Coffee Bags series slogan is "Tradition In a Bag".

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Our Vision and Mission

Kim Guan Guan’s vision is to continue to embark on improving the quality in the process of manufacturing our traditional coffee. Apart from it, preserving and sharing the unique culture of traditional coffee in Singapore is part of Kim Guan Guan’s mission and passion.

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