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We supply wholesale traditional coffee and tea dust to more than 1,000 businesses serving coffee all over Singapore. Our team of professional and friendly service personnel works well with small independent coffee shops as well as larger chain operations. Our absolute focus is to ensure consistent supply of our quality products to our wholesale customers and we do our best to deliver top notch service every single day.

We have helped many business owners with the start of their coffee shops and will provide support from various aspects such as designing the work flow of the coffee station, on-site training and marketing assistance.


With more than 3 decades of experience in the traditional coffee trade, we understand the challenges and needs faced by F&B operators. With our extensive knowledge and insights to the market, we are able to offer assistance and guidance throughout your set-up process. This includes helping you to design the coffee stations, plan out the work flow as well as providing stainless steel equipment to achieve efficient brewing of that authentic cup of traditional coffee and tea every time.


Are you looking for great coffee at competitive prices to be sold under your own brand?

We can help to roast, blend and package according to your specific needs. Join the growing number of F&B operators that have developed their own coffee blends with their own brand. At Kim Guan Guan, we will handle everything and work closely with you from initial consultation to the final product.

Discover how we can meet your business requirements straightaway.

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