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Grab a kopi and read about our story as we spill the beans on what goes into every cup of Kim Guan Guan Singapore Traditional Coffee during these interviews!

Why Choose Kim Guan Guan?

More than just a coffee supplier, Kim Guan Guan is proud to be the Traditional Coffee Specialist that provides a complete suite of solutions to meet the varied needs of our business partners.

Quality Matters

We source for quality ingredients to produce the robust Singapore Traditional Coffee Powder that we are known for and to create our propriety blend of Tea Dust. We pride ourselves on our strict quality control standards and do small batch roasting/ production to ensure freshness in every cup.

Business Support

Our persistence in quality extends beyond our products as we prioritise support to our partners across all aspects. With over 3 decades of experience in the traditional coffee trade, we understand the requirements of operators and will be able to share best practices from years of hands-on training.

Training & Equipment

KGG Traditional Coffee is built on a foundation of consistency in every cup hence the right equipment and staff training are of utmost importance to us. We will provide equipment consultancy to help you achieve that perfect cup of brew each time in additional to providing end-to-end training.